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4 Crowdfunding Sites For Your 2013 Non-Profit Fundraising Campaign

With the decline of individual giving to charitable organizations in recent years, non-profits are struggling to find new ways to connect with donors.  Crowdfunding, gathering small donations from a large number of donors online, is becoming an increasingly important piece of non-profit fundraising strategies.  If your organization is looking for a new way of increasing donations in the coming year, you might want to try one of these crowdfunding sites that are geared towards non-profit campaigns.


1.  Razoo

A Razoo campaign raising funds for Get Your Guts In Gear, an organization that organizes bike races for charitable purposes

A Razoo campaign raising funds for Get Your Guts In Gear, an organization that organizes bike races for charitable purposes

The Bottom Line
No frills crowdfunding site with simple interface for making cleanly-designed campaign pages

A simple 2.9% fee for all funds donated, and you keep all money you raise.
Total $ Raised:  $135 million

Benefits for Non-Profits
Low fees make it appealing for non-profit organizations.  Razoo can serve as platform for donations on your existing web site or Facebook page

Campaign Features
  • Simple campaign setup
  • iPhone application for checking campaign progress
  • No per-transaction fee
The Downside
  • Analytics platform not as advanced as other crowdfunding services
  • $10 minimum donation may be a large denomination for smaller campaigns
  • Campaign pages don’t display progress towards fundraising goal


2.  IndieGoGoIndieGoGo's "Featured Campaigns" display

The Bottom Line
IndieGoGo caters to a diverse range of crowdfunding users, including non-profits, arts projects, and small entrepreneurial ventures.  Users can browse campaigns by categories, most-funded, staff picks, etc.
Campaign Features
  • Clean and simple campaign site design
  • Ability to use pictures and video to sell your campaign’s story and objectives
  • Integrated social media and e-mail buttons for site visitors to share campaigns.  Buttons also display share counts for added social proof.
  • Perks/gifts can be offered at different donation levels for an extra push to donate
  • Strong analytics platform for tracking campaign results, page visits, and key influencers driving visits to your campaign
Benefits for Non-Profits

Campaigns can be set up as a non-profit campaign, which allows for 25% off all site fees for 503(c) non-profit organizations.  You can also use this feature to offer direct tax deductions  to donors.  However, beware the fine print!  Donations are then sent through a third-party vendor called FirstGiving, who will ALSO charge you a 4% fee for payment processing.  All in all, you’re looking at a WHOPPING 10.75% fee for all donations if you don’t meet your goal, or 7.75% of you do.
More information on setting up your campaign as a Verfied Non-Profit can be found HERE.
The Downside
  • HIGH FEES,  with a lot of fine print
  • Not specifically geared towards philanthropy and non-profit organizations
IndieGoGo offers two pricing plans, Flexible and Fixed rates.  (You can see their breakdown of these plans here)
  • The gist of it is that you pay 4% on all money raised if you reach your set goal, and 9% if you don’t.
  • You also have the option (the fixed plan) of refunding all money to donors if you don’t reach your goal, with no fee assessed.
  • Be aware that credit card donations are assessed an additional 3% processing fee, so if you use IndieGoGo try to encourage PayPal donations which have no associated fee.


3.  CauseVox

The Bottom Line
Powerful platform allows for a ton of customizability and professional-looking campaign sites.  Offers far more design options than most crowdfunding sites.

$39/month, or $399/year gets you unlimited campaigns and campaign pages
Donations processed through CauseVox’s website are charged a 7.5% fee.  If you opt to have donors give through PayPal, donations are assessed a 5% transaction fee, a 2-3% credit card fee, and an additional $0.60 per transaction.

Benefits for Non-Profits
Being a registered 503(c) non-profit allows you to use CauseVox’s on-site donation processing.  Other users are required to use PayPal for processing.  Also, the site allows you to capture donor info such as e-mail and street address, which then be exported for future use.
Campaign Features
  • Page creator offers more design flexibility than most crowdfunding platforms in including button and background colors
  • Ability to incorporate branding and logos into your campaign page design
  • Campaign pages can have embedded rich media such as Flickr slideshows or Youtube videos
  • Custom URLs can be created on CauseVox’s website for additional branding and recognition (i.e.
  • If you choose to work with a web developer, custom sites can be hosted on CauseVox
The Downside
  • Flexibility could make the platform confusing if you don’t have a strong grasp of technology
  • Does not give visitors the ability to browse through projects to potentially donate to.  Sites built with CauseVox would need to be shared on your own


Fundly Logo

4.  Fundly      

Fundly Campaign Sample

Here’s a campaign that Habitat for Humanity ran on Fundly

The Bottom Line

If your non-profit already has an established social media presence, especially on Facebook, this platform may be right for you.  Fundly’s strengths lie in Facebook integration and it’s modest pricing.
Running one campaign will set you back 4.9% of funds raised
Three campaigns = $99 per month plus 3.9% of funds raised.
Unlimited campaigns require a custom quote, and then assess 3.9% fee for all funds raised
(Note:  All options charge a 3% fee for credit card donation processing)
Benefits for Non-Profits

An impressive slate of established non-profits on the site lends instant credibility.

Campaign Features
  • Can integrate with current donation processing systems such as SalesForces, Blackbaud, etc.
  • Funds can be accessed at any time, so no waiting two weeks to a month for what you’ve raised
  • Integrates with Facebook for easy donor registration.  Users can login through their account and share with their network of friends, and non-profits to leverage their existing fans.
  • Facebook integration adds social proof to your campaign page
The Downside
  • If you don’t have a large Facebook following, the Fundly’s integration with it may not be right for your organization.


So, what crowdfunding sites will you be using for your organization’s fundraising needs in 2013?


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