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Introducing the new and improved RHD Resources Blog!

I’m proud to announce the launch of the RHD Resources Blog, your new must-read site for news, advice, and engaging content for the human services and non-profit community.  Many of you might have been readers of RHD’s “CEO Blog”.  Well, we’re taking what was great about our posts there, and pushing it to the next level.

Why make changes to the old CEO Blog?

1.      New look and feel

We tried hard to maintain the style of RHD’s main website, while still making the blog its own entity.  You’ll notice a cleaner, simpler design, as well as improved features for commenting and sharing posts across your social networks.

2.      Wider range of authors and voices

Our old blog was written exclusively by RHD CEO Bob Fishman.  Bob will have his own space on the Resources Blog, but we wanted to really show the diverse experience, thought leadership, and expertise present across all of our programs.  ANYONE can now write a post for the new blog (details to come!).

3.      More useful articles and media

We wanted to move past writing only about RHD and its programs, and into sharing our specific knowledge and expertise.  You’ll still see news and updates on programs and their achievements, but also articles on topics such as fundraising, healthcare models, and professional development.  Our hope is that the RHD Resources Blog can serve as an aid to our programs and the non-profit community as a whole.


Welcome and thanks for visiting, and be sure to share the site with anyone you think might enjoy.  We all have a role in making this site a success!

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