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Integrated Care: Changing the Game for Health Centers

healthcareWhen you go to your primary care provider these days you may notice some significant changes in your experience.  The last time you went to your provider did you:

  • get a printed summary of your visit?
  • get in more quickly if you were sick?
  • find your provider used a computer in the room to look at your health history and discuss your care?

These are all representations of changes in how health care is being practiced today.  This new model of care – often referred to as integrated care – is intended to make healthcare more effective, accessible and better for you as a patient. It also has benefits for your health care providers and insurers or other payers. It not only includes improved communication between your various healthcare providers, but also emphasizes better use of technology, greater access to information for patients, and greater continuity of care.

Family Practice and Counseling Network, RHD’s community health centers, has adopted these integrated care practices and more. Nurse practitioners lead teams with clinical nurses and medical assistants that partner with behavioral health providers, social workers, front desk staff and specialty providers to ensure complete and holistic patient care.

Recently, we upped our game by reorganizing the space where clinicians sit when they aren’t with patients.  These new ‘pods’ pair providers with their assigned clinical nurse and medical assistant and facilitate sharing and collaborating on patient care.  More communication and interaction among those providing care supports informed decision making and responsive service. This integrated care model ensures as much face time with patients as possible.

Opportunities for your provider to fully understand your health needs: now that is change you can live with.


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