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How to Run a Successful Non-Profit Crowdfunding Campaign

With charitable giving making a significant shift towards the online space, crowdfunding campaigns have become even more important for non-profit organizations.  Here are four points to consider before you launch your next crowdfunding venture:

1.  Read the fine print

crowdfunding fine print

Know what your’re getting into before you choose a crowdfunding site

First make sure that you understand each platform’s costs for running a campaign.  Do you need to reach a specific goal in order to keep pledged money or are all donated funds guaranteed?  Are tax exemptions for donations available directly from the site or is that something a donor would have to do on their own?  Any discounts for being a registered 503(c) non-profit?  These are all questions that should be answered BEFORE you start your campaign.

2.  Think small

An all-encompassing or broad fundraising campaign is not likely to hit its donations goal because it lacks tangibility.  Crowdfunding campaigns should focus on smaller, more achievable goals.  

See the difference between a campaign like “Help Fund The Watley Community Center” and “Help Buy a Computer Lab for Watley Community Center”?  

Showing achievable and realistic ends will help you generate the means.  Save the broad organizational donations for your main website or fundraising events.

3.  Get in touch with your emotional side

Crowdfunding campaigns are an ideal medium for connecting a specific project/goal to a donor’s emotions.  Appeal to your target donors by using images, compelling storytelling, and videos.  

successful campaigns also have a clear narrative.  Try to focus your campaign’s copy not on WHAT is needed, but on WHO it is needed by.

4.  Get socialsocial media

What’s great about crowdfunding is that it allows you to leverage your social media accounts to rapidly spread the word about your campaign.  Be sure to always include a link in your blog posts, social channels, and e-mails marketing.  

PRO TIP: Set up a and/or Buffer account to measure the amount of visitors being driven to your site from social shares and clicks

What has been crucial to the success of YOUR crowdfunding campaign?

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