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3 Takeaways from the 2012 Digital Giving Index

Network for Good recently released their 2012 Digital Giving Index.  They’ve been releasing this report since 2010 and put together some great information on trends and changes in digital donations.  In the past several years the charity community has seen a notable shift towards online donations.

Clearly this is at least partly a result of shifting donor demographics, as millenials and other technologically-savvy givers use crowdfunding platforms and website donation pages to give to the organizations of their choice.

The Network For Good Digital Giving Index

Click to see the full 2012 Digital Giving Index


What can we take away from the report?


1.  65% of people donated money online in 2012

For a large percentage of consumers, making online purchases has become as commonplace as going to a brick and mortar store.  This trend appears to have followed suit in charitable giving, as increased trust in online credit card security and the ease of mobile transactions make giving even simpler.  Giving online may be preferable to many donors as it allows them time to research different organizations and their programs, rather than on-the-spot donations in public places or fundraising events.

2.  Branded online giving pages resulted in 6 times more donations than generic giving pages.  

The next time you put together a fundraising campaign, whether through a popular crowdfunding site such as IndieGoGo or Razoo, utilize your existing branded resources.  Logos, branded terms and programs, and even color schemes can help your donor identify more strongly with your cause or organization and hopefully lead to more repeat donors.

3.  Social giving went up 21% over 2011′s numbers

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are being integrated into more and more signup processes, commenting plugins, and review sites.  Users are becoming more and more comfortable using their social media identities across the web in exchange for site services and tailored recommendations from their social circles.

This trend is shifting the motivations of donors people give.  Donors may be  more likely to donate to organizations and causes that they have social connections to.  In 2013 you need to leverage your non-profit’s social networks to build trust amongst donors.

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This information will be crucial as non-profits reassess their fundraising strategies for the digital age.

How is your organization responding to the growth in digital giving?



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