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Why Online Training May Not Be Right For Your Organization

With program budgets constantly being trimmed and fee-for-service payment systems driving decisions about how staff can spend their work hours, more and more human services programs are looking towards online and web-based training to meet their training needs.

How to Run a Successful Non-Profit Crowdfunding Campaign

With charitable giving making a significant shift towards the online space, crowdfunding campaigns have become even more important for non-profit organizations. Here are four points to consider before you launch your next crowdfunding venture

Introducing the new and improved RHD Resources Blog!

I’m proud to announce the launch of the RHD Resources Blog, your new must-read site for news, advice, and engaging content for the human services and non-profit community. Many of you might have been readers of RHD’s “CEO Blog”. Well, we’re taking what was great about our posts there, and pushing it to the next level.

Integrated Care: Changing the Game for Health Centers

These days when you go to your primary care provider, whether a doctor or nurse practitioner, you may notice some significant changes in your experience. These are all pieces of our changing health care practices, intended to make your care more effective, accessible and, well, better for you as a patient, for providers and for the payers.

3 Takeaways from the 2012 Digital Giving Index

Network for Good recently released their 2012 Digital Giving Index. In the past several years the charity community has seen a notable shift towards online donations. Clearly this is at least partly a result of shifting donor demographics, as millenials and other technologically-savvy givers use crowdfunding platforms and website donation pages to give to the organizations of their choice.

RHD’s Values-Based Organization Model

Many different organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, adhere to a corporate mission statement. At RHD we take this idea a step further. As a values-based organization, our internal decision-making, processes, policies, and growth strategies are all based around a core set of beliefs and principles that were established at the founding of our organization.

VIDEO: Two Equal Dollars members discuss volunteering for the program

Equal Dollars members Valerie and Phyllis describe how they met through the Equal Dollars program, how they use their Equals, and how they enjoy earning more by volunteering. RHD’s Equal Dollars Community Currency is a non-interest bearing alternative currency that promotes the exchange of...

One Step Away Featured Article: “It’s the Guns, Not Mental Health”

The role that mental health played in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting has brought the issue to the forefront along with gun control. But how just how big a role did it play in Newtown and other incidents of gun violence? Are we simply looking for a scapegoat other than the guns themselves?

CEO Blog – Is there a right way to give?

Dean Karlan on the Freakonomics blog has an interesting argument regarding a “guide” to charitable giving. He attacks it from an economist’s viewpoint, which tries to reach some quantifiable conclusions and make decisions that way.

The Role of Mental Health in President Obama’s Gun Control Plan

President Obama’s recently-proposed actions on gun safety include a number of suggestions for increasing access to mental healthcare. I applaud these efforts to curb gun violence in our society, and appreciate the calls for more funding in mental health issues and more social workers

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